A small tax return helped get us on track!

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All of our small medical bills are now taken care of. The hospital is paid, the dentist is paid. We’re fixing our credit and I had a sixty dollar item on my credit report I just found out about, supposedly from a cardiologist I saw when I was pregnant. I was suspect since that amount wouldn’t match my copays. I called the creditor since I hadn’t gotten the bill. The debt collector couldn’t find my account for a long time, and when she did, she said the cardiologist had retracted it as an error. They said they had pulled it back from my report, but there it sat, in delinquent accounts. Submitted a dispute and within 24 hours, it’s gone. I know it shouldn’t matter I the long term, but I need to clean this stuff up if we will ever be able to refinance.

And just a quick story to indicate mortgage companies complete incompetence: this week, in this order, we received three pieces of mail: our final approved mortgage modification paperwork to just sign and return; a letter saying we were missing required paperwork; and an initial application for a mortgage modification. Um….messed up.

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