The best help I could offer

2015-12-01 / Comments Off on The best help I could offer

The best help I could offer is to go to your local library and check out the book, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. They cannot garnish SSI or seize it from your bank. But your bank needs to know this and care. You need to find a small bank who will pay attention.

You are basically judgement proof as far as the credit cards. They will be jerks and bullies, but in truth they cannot get a dime out of you, with or without bankruptcy. They can’t take disability payments. They can’t go get money from another creditor just because you paid them first. They can try…. Or threaten… Because they are morons. But they can’t do it.

Read the book, do lots of research on your rights, and let the fear go away. You will be much better able to make good decisions without fear. It is my understanding that even filing bankruptcy, the 401k is safe. They can’t touch it. If you sell the house, the liens will be paid off. I do understand the feeling of being stuck with “can’t sell the house” and “rent is the same or more than the mortgage payments”. It will be tough to rent anything with your current financial picture, from the way you stated things.