Do they teach basic math anymore?

2012-04-17 / Comments Off on Do they teach basic math anymore?

I have to wonder because I have been going around and around with the company I ordered some embossing folders and dies from nearly a month ago about the amount of refunds they are giving me on out of stock items. The amount differences are not large at all, less than a dollar, but when they become more and more items those pennies add up and if they are doing it to me who else are they doing it to.
Here’s the math. I paid $1.25 each for these items, and had a 25% discount on my total due to a promo code. I also paid shipping for the items.
They are refunding me $.64 and have for the last 3 weeks have sworn up and down first that the difference was 25%, then 30%, then 25%, they a combo of the two. Only I only got the 25% off my original order. Anyway you look at it they are only refunding me a little more than 50%.
I finally got someone with some basic math knowledge today and he kept saying “what the?” every time and every way he did the math. Then when I asked how many other people this had been done to and how big of trouble they were going to be in he said “a lot, and we need to find out where that other $.30 went for each of those items “
Someone in their warehouse is now in deep dog doo-doo. Because they were recording they were giving store credit for the other $.30, but they hadn’t …to anyone. Why does the superman movie come to mind where the guy was putting all those little half cent differences on calculating stuff into his own account? This is not a small company.
So now not only do I have my full refund, supposedly, I will follow up on it. I have additional store credit and some free items headed my way. To thank me for bringing it to their attention.
I know $.30 isn’t much, but it was more than one, and how many other people got hit that way?